Employee Assistance Program

Since 2019, Dr. Meyer has been affiliated with several large companies in the greater-Jacksonville, FL area, offering in-person and virtual consultations for employees. Dr. Meyer is currently providing employees EAP-sponsored consultations at the following companies:

Bank of America - Financial centers in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas


EAP programs offer employees a wide-range of benefits - let me show you how to get access to your benefits!

Management Consultations

Struggling with management challenges? Maybe you're noticing some performance issues because of stressors? Let's talk and see if we can come up with some solutions!


Stress, depression, anxiety... We all go through it at some point in our lives. Pack your lunch and come learn about common challenges we face and methods for coping.

Mental Health Consultations

Evaluations for brief, solution-focused sessions aimed at quickly addressing issues you may be facing, and how best to cope with them so that you can be successful!

If you are an employee or supervisor at Bank of America in Jacksonville, FL, please feel free to request an appointment using the ORANGE button below. 

The following appointments are available based on location:

Deer Lake Campus: In-person or virtual consultations

Southside Campus, Downtown, and Ponte Vedra: Virtual consultations