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Let's overcome some challenges... Together!


Accepting Help


Many of the symptoms of mental health issues can be recognized: depression, anxiety, shame, stress, grief. Some symptoms may not be recognized by you, but rather by those around you. 

If you or someone else recognizes changes in your behavior, and perhaps you're now ready to take the steps necessary to make some positive changes to rediscover your potential, then you may benefit from therapy.

In addition to offering mental health counseling, a corner stone of this practice is assisting individuals with disabilities secure and maintain gainful employment. 

Navigating Challenges

Therapy can be a rich and empowering experience, which can provide you with personal growth and change. Through the exploration of patterns in thoughts and behaviors, we can work together to help you discover a more "authentic you."


If you're stuck in life, and not sure how to overcome life's challenges, therapy might be the path worth exploring.

Coping and navigating a disability can certainly be challenging. This practice specializes in providing individuals with disabilities consultations, evaluations, and when necessary, expert witness testimony, to make the journey in regaining full independence much less challenging. 

First Step


If mental health counseling is something you'd like to explore, please navigate to the contact page to explore appointment options.



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